Monday, March 27, 2006

Rubble Doesn't Make Trouble

From National Review Online today:

DERB IS FAMOUS! [John Derbyshire]

....In Kurdistan:

"The proponents of this ideology are colloquially referred to as 'Derbocons' or crudely (if not entirely inaccurately) 'To Hell with Them Hawks.' They are interventionists whose only slightly tongue-in-cheek motto is 'rubble doesn't make trouble.'"

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Gotta love this one...I think I'll have a bumper sticker made up with this on it.

Reminds me of the old Bowley and Wilson version of Barbara Ann (Beach Boy's tune)...they changed the words to

"Bomb, bomb, bomb
Bomb, bomb IRAN..."

This was back in 79 when the US hostages were being held in Iran.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

This is your brain...this is your brain on OPRAH

Hat tip: Newsmax

1. Is 'Oprah' Bad For The Brain?

'Oprah' may be bad for the brain, according to a surprising new study of the effects of TV viewing on brain function.

Done by researchers at New York's Brooklyn College, the study found that elderly women who watch daytime soap operas and talk shows are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment than women who don't watch them.

Yup, and watching NASCAR makes you drink beer.

Afghans Threaten Christian with Death

By now you've all heard of the gentleman that converted from Islam to Christianity. The 'clerics' there have threatened him with death. Just for comparison: if the Pope said that all those that converted from Catholicism to, say, Judaism, were to be put to death, we'd laugh out loud at him. Yet, this poor man in Afghanistan may very well die at the hands of a mob. Here's a post from National Review Online:


From his column today:

I can understand why the president and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would rather deal with this through back channels, private assurances from their Afghan counterparts, etc. But the public rhetoric is critical, too. At some point we have to face down a culture in which not only the mob in the street but the highest judges and academics talk like crazies. Abdul Rahman embodies the question at the heart of this struggle: If Islam is a religion one can only convert to, not from, then in the long run it is a threat to every free person on the planet.

What can we do? Should governments with troops in Afghanistan pass joint emergency legislation conferring their citizenship on this poor man and declaring him, as much as Karzai, under their protection?

In a more culturally confident age, the British in India were faced with the practice of "suttee" - the tradition of burning widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands. Gen. Sir Charles Napier was impeccably multicultural:
"You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: When men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks, and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Supporting our Troops

Here's an interesting "degrees of separation" post. My wife posts on several medical sites, and tries to help out others who have to go through medical problems, as she has herself. In meeting and helping one young lady (hey, I'm 47, so I can call her young) through a difficult medical problem, we found out that her husband was an Army LT serving in Italy. Turns out he had been recently deployed to Afghanistan, and sent some good pics back. I thought I'd share them and show what an outstanding job our men and women in uniform are doing. Moral is high, despite what the left-wingnuts have to say. If you get a chance, and want to support our troups, I urge you to contact and adopt a soldier or two.

The US Post Office has come up with two new boxes that are flat-rate without regard to weight. These are perfect to send heavy articles to APO and FPO addresses. They are only $8.50 per box. We send things like individual packets of salsa (the type you receive at McDonalds with your breakfast taco), powdered drink mixes, candy, mints, etc. All boxes bring smiles to soldiers in the field.

And don't think for a minute that it's not dangerous in Afghanistan. Look at the cache of boomers they found and detonated.

Say a prayer for those out there protecting our butts back home.

Great for breaking the ice at parties

Here's a great bumper sticker I had made up. As expected, here in Wisconsin I get a lot of "you're number 1" gestures by other drivers. Back home in Texas, I get more "Wow, where'd you get that?" questions. Nuff said.

Hunting with the Veep

February 17, 2006

By Longneck
I certainly empathize with VP Cheney -- his accident has caused injury and discomfort to his long-time friend. I've been a bird hunter for over 30 years, and I can say I've been peppered with shot many times from others. None of those shots were intentional, nor did any of them cause any injury. At most, it causes one to "duck and cover" until the rain of shot ceases. It certainly can be an occasion for good-natured joking between the parties - as long as no one is hurt.
The absolute idiocy of some of the reporting has me shaking my head in wonder at the lack of basic hunting knowledge. So many reporters, so little hunting experience! And they wonder why we don't really listen to them here in fly-over country. I heard one doctor being interviewed on FOX talking about 'bullet fragment near the heart'. If the doctors can't tell the difference between 7 1/2 shot and a bullet (the first is fired from a shotgun, the second from a rifle or pistol), how in the world is the population on the left coast going to understand the difference. The next thing we'll hear is that there was another shooter from a mile away who was aiming at Cheney! Sigh.
I'm glad the furor has lessened. Perhaps the media will report (not focus) on the health of the unfortunate victim of this accident, and we can move on.