Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tony Snow - Class Act - Say a Prayer

Pray for Tony Snow [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

ASHLAND, Ohio (AP) - Former White House press secretary Tony Snow, diagnosed with cancer three years ago, canceled a speaking appearance at Ohio's Ashland University because of an unspecified illness, the university announced Wednesday.

The university said Snow's doctors have told him he cannot travel, and that Snow will be replaced by the president's brother, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, at Thursday's fundraising dinner for the Ashbrook Scholar program.

From The Corner

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Raise My Taxes (not!)

You know those signs at Hillary rallies that say "iron my shirt"? Let's have a similar campaign with signs that say "Raise My Taxes". Check this out:

This is from the Heritage Foundation. It is a fascinating set of graphs on Federal spending and income. Go check it out.

H/T The Heritage Foundation

Monday, May 26, 2008

Eloquence on Memorial Day

Head on over to Lex's place and read what MG Kelly has to say about 2 brave Marines, and all of our citizens in uniform. An excerpt:

"Given the opportunity to do another 9/11, our vicious enemy would do it today, tomorrow and everyday thereafter. I don’t know why they hate us, and I frankly don’t care and they can all go to hell, but they do hate us and are driven irrationally to our destruction. The best way to fight them is somewhere else and that is why we are here. For whatever reason they want to destroy our way of life our countrymen at home should be on their knees everyday thanking God we still have enough young people in America today willing to take up the fight as our Veterans did from the earliest days of our nation."

Go, read it all. And be damned glad we have these Marines protecting us.

H/T Neptunus Lex

Memorial Day -- Thank a Soldier

They're there:

We're at home eating bbq.

Find a soldier and say "thank you" today. And say a prayer for them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jessica Lange...Dumb and Dumber


...and after:

This stupid bitch said this at Sarah Lawrence College commencement:
We are living in an America that, in the last seven and a half years, has waged an unnecessary war, established prison camps, condoned torture, employed corporate armies, eliminated the right of habeas corpus, practiced extraordinary rendition, and believe me, this is only a partial list.
Why do aging screen stars think we give a crap about what they think? And what restaurant do they eat at to get the magic mushrooms? Here's hoping her silicon doesn't shift any farther.

And, for the record, STFU.

H/T Moonbattery

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oil at $1,000 per Barrel? I Call BS

I really like Suitably Flip's blog. He's a smart guy that likes to debunk freaking-out moonbats. Ok, so he really just likes to refute BS with smart economics and LOGIC.

Check out the latest post on the upward trend in oil prices. I'm with him; 20% interest rates in the 80's eventually came tumbling to earth; so will oil prices.

Being an Economics major in college, I really like his down-to-earth examples. But I REALLY like his animated graphics. Like this:

Now if we could just get a good example for the velocity of money.

H/T Suitably Flip

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Respect (and DEFEND) the Uniform

OK, Uncle J over at Blackfive has a good post about a crappy subject...some members of our Armed Forces are being verbally assaulted in DC and elsewhere.

I travel frequently to DFW, DCA, MSP, and ATL. These are all major transit points for troops coming in/going out of the US. I go out of my way to say "thank you" to those I see in uniform (see my previous post).

I swear to GOD, if I ever see or hear this kind of crap, I will pummel the hippy bastard before the soldier has a chance to. I once took a hippy by the scruff of the neck at DFW up to a SSG and made the hippy apologize for a patch on his backpack that said "Soldiers are Murderers".

By God, we all should make a pact...tell the hippy to shut it, or shut it for him. Our brave men and women are fighting for our free speech, which means you can say stupid sh*t, yes, but show a little damn appreciation to those that are writing a check to Uncle Sam. And pray Uncle Sam doesn't cash it.

H/T Uncle Jimbo (kicking a**) and COB6 (leading the way)

Best Graduation Address

Amen on this. Bill McGurn said this at Benedictine College:

"...And whatever their field of endeavor, I believe all would agree with me about three propositions that are easily forgotten and only painfully re-learned.

First, who you marry is far more important than what career you choose. Over the course of a life that has taken me across three continents, I have met many accomplished men and women. And I have always been astonished by the number who give more thought to choosing the job they may hold for a couple of years than to choosing the spouse to whom they will pledge – before God and their friends – to remain with until death they do part.

Second, no professional achievement – no matter how extraordinary – can match the thrill of seeing the absolute love and confidence reflected in the trusting eyes of a child who calls you Mom or Dad.

Finally, you will not find lasting happiness by pursuing it. Happiness is the byproduct of a contented life. And the surest path to a contented life is to put the needs of others before your own."

Truer words are not to be found. I suggest we all email these words to our schools and ask that they be given to each graduate.

UPDATE: Here's the text of the full speech.

H/T Peter Robinson in The Corner

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not Drunk; Stupid in Michigan

Over in Livonia, MI, the Nazi administration at Stevenson High can't take a joke. The kids wore this shirt:

You know, making fun of the definition of driving drunk. Now they're suspended. Get a freaking life.

By the way, if you're old enough to tote a gun in defense of your country, you ought to be able to drink beer. The drinking age was 18 when I was growing up, and we're not dain bramaged.

Of course, MADD missed the point. Here's what they said:

"The goal is to prevent underage drinking, so there is zero tolerance," MADD member N'echole McClendon told MyFOX Detroit. "So for them to say that it's appropriate to drink and drive -- it's not. It's illegal for them to even consume alcohol."

Gee, N'echole, that shirt doesn't say they want to drive drunk; they're just having a little fun. Did you have your sense of humor removed and replaced with an oddly-spelled name?

I remember wearing a t-shirt in college that said:

DAMM -- Drunks Against MADD Mothers.

It got laughs then...

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son"
-- Dean Wormer, Animal House.


Your Tax Dollars at Work

We all bitch about paying taxes, especially around April 15. However, here is a good example of your tax dollars doing some good for a change.

Hehe...not enough of them left to fill a teaspoon. How are those 72 virgins working for ya now?


Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama Gotcha

I damn sure wouldn't want Prosecutor McCarthy to be pissed at me, as he's pretty good at summing up a case succinctly:

Can Somebody Explain to Me ... [Andy McCarthy]

... how Obama sat in Wright's church for 20 years and managed never to hear anything, but hears 20 seconds of a Bush speech that doesn't mention him and perceives a shameful personal attack?

Andy, what's the penalty for perjury?

H/T The Corner

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Candidate

Now HERE'S a guy that I'll support.
And I'll bet he could get Demi back as First Lady.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

McCain as Captain Green

Every time I see this stupid-ass logo, I'll toss two aluminum cans in the trash, instead of the recycle bin.

This Cap-and-Trade idea is the dumbest thing since Britney Spears as a baby-sitter.

More later...but day-um.

Yes, I Want Cheaper Gas

Do YOU want cheaper gas? My solution:

Kill these S.O.B.'s...soon, and in a public way. Drop them out of a Pave Hawk at 10,000 feet, no chute, no bungee cord. Or drop a MOAB on their next meeting. Post the video on YouTube.

Screw em.

Apologies to CDR Salamander, who favors a much calmer, considered approach.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Afghanistan -- Well Said

We are beating the Nazi-Islamic-bastard Taliban in Afghanistan. It's good to know that the soldiers know it, too...and like their jobs.

This guy...GETS IT.

Thank God for such men.

H/T Charlie "GPS" at Opfor

Washington Post SOB

You know, I don't often want to punch out a reporter (I tend to ignore their blather). But I swear to God, if I met this SOB on the street or at a party, I'd punch him in the mouth. He's calling the flag an empty symbol. Our brave men and women are fighting and dying for that symbol, you P.O.S.

Pins and Panders

Obama Wears His Independence on His Lapel

By Richard Cohen Tuesday, May 6, 2008; Page A19

Sometimes I think the best thing about Barack Obama is that little empty space on his lapel. It is where other politicians wear the American flag pin, a kitschy piece of empty symbolism that tells you nothing about that particular person except that he or she thinks like everyone else. Obama's flag, invisible to the naked eye, is the Jolly Roger of a politician thinking for himself.

Here's the link to the full article.