Monday, June 30, 2008

Color Of needs...spellchecker

Here's a pic that and are using to try to get the Telecom Amnesty Bill (my name, not theirs) tossed. Personally, I have given the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc, permission to listen to my calls all they want.

But these morons want to sue AT&T, Verizon et al for answering the call from their country to assist in tracking terrorists. The government has given these companies immunity from lawsuits precisely because they HELPED OUT.

Funny thing, though. You'd think that if wanted people to go to their website, they would spell it correctly. Look closely at the bottom of the pic...they misspelled their own website.

Now THAT'S moonbattery for ya.

That tears it...Obama's officially a dumb-ass

Today the Obamination said patriotism is "a gut instinct".

"I will never question the patriotism of others in this campaign. And I will not stand idly by when I hear others question mine."

Ok bro...bring your ass to Wisconsin. I question your patriotism, you Islam-loving, non-flag-pin-wearing, defeatist, military-hating, cracker-busting fool.
Just so the Secret Service doesn't get mad at me...I'm not threatening him. I'm questioning his patriotism. But I will not stand idly by when he insults me.

Freaking jerk.

Eleanor Clift, Moonbat extraordinaire

I don't watch The McLaughlin Group much anymore, mostly because it's now just a shouting match to see if Clift or Pat Buchanan can shout louder.

I was watching the podcast of the June 20 show, and good ole lefty Clift gave this thoroughly fair and unbiased observation about the 2000 election.

"Al Gore should not have been defeated by George 'Know-nothing' Bush..."

'Scuse me while I pound the table. I have the most respect for someone who believes differently than I do and can come up with a convincing argument on why I should see things his way. But to try and make a point by saying this kind of crap? She'd be kicked off of the Middle School Debate Team for this kind of b.s. This speaks volumes about the intelligence of the Newsweek readership.

What's scary is that there are enough moonbats out there to support Clift at Newsweek and on her screaming meemies show. Her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

EU Parliament Featherbedding

In the US, featherbedding is when a union creates jobs that are nonproductive, and typically guarantees those jobs through the union contract with the employer.

Featherbedding is illegal, but is also tacitly accepted, mostly to keep the union on the job and the workplace free from strikes or work slowdowns.

Seems the EU has a little featherbedding of its own going on. Here's a great video making its way around the blogosphere.

EU Parliament members are paid a crazy-high salary, plus a daily wage for showing up at the Parliament building. It seems like Friday morning is a busy time there. See, the EU Parliamentarians have to physically sign into a log in order to be paid the daily rate. So Friday morning at 7am, a bunch of them show up, sign the ledger, and head out of town, typically for home.

This is clearly theft -- and we'd shame these bozos out of office if they were in the US. But no -- this is the European Union. When reporters confront some of them, the EU reps run, hide, or call the reporters "impertinent".

I love Europe, but only to visit. Living (and paying taxes) in Socialism ain't my thing.

H/T CDR Salamander

Over $4/gallon...

...and we're not DRILLING IN ANWR?

If this wasn't true, it would be in a Clancy novel.

There's a great post over at about the size of the drilling area that Democrats have their undies in knots over. Here's a great pic from that post.

Personally, I could care less if we spill, as long as we DRILL.

Murtha the Scumbag cartoon

Unfortunately, Murtha is still in Congress.
What a prick.
H/T CDR Salamander

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Completely Tasteless Cartoon

Well, saw this from Lee Judge (whoever the hell he is) in the Kansas City Star.

I will not buy that rag next time I'm in KC.
Might use it in the toilet, though.

How many ways are there to call this guy a POS?

'Nuff said.

Friday, June 20, 2008

There are Moonbats, and...

...then there are Massachusetts Douchebag Moonbats.

The prestigious Massachusetts School of Law is to convene a planning session to explore ways to try Bush and Cheney et al for war crimes. Uh huh. Good luck.

I don't mind that people express their opinions, however noxious. But to waste energy, money, and, well, good pub time on this kind of thing...

WTF is in the water in Andover? My dad is from N Reading, and he KNOWS these dipshits are nuts. How about a cell in Guantanamo for these morons?

H/T Jester's Axe and

Thursday, June 19, 2008

License Plates...Against the Law?

I have a good friend who lives in Denver. He was my neighbor there, and in the less than a year that we lived there, he and his family became very close to us. We don't see them often, but we're friends that don't have to see each other all of the time to remain close.

OK, so you know I'm not going mushy here, the reason I bring this up is, he sent me a picture of his new license plates. He's a former Army Ranger, and a finer father you won't find (well, COB is there, too). He's now proud of these new plates...and he should be.

Beware...South Carolina is up against a lawsuit challenging the legality of their Christian Vanity Plates. COB, before moving to SC, better get those Texas plates updated. How long before the moonbats in Boulder sue Colorado to remove these plates? Freaking commies (see previous post).

Rangers...leading the way...again.

H/T Hot Air

P.S. Chuck, have you figured out the Cepacol joke yet?

Democrats are Commies!

Well, more like Socialists...but NEVER argue with Danny.

I don't like commies, either.

Give 'em hell, COB.

Real Income Goes Up

Contrary to the liberal media message, The Heritage Foundation has put together a great set of slides showing how real income is increasing. Fi on Newsweek, fi on MSNBC.
I am just sick and tired of all of the "we're in a recession" talk. All B.S. Even with $4/gallon gas, the economy continues to grow. Let's all be thankful when payday rolls around again.

What do you think it's like to live in, say, Iran? Pfft.

H/T The Heritage Foundation (

Saturday, June 14, 2008

26th MEU Working Hard

From Blackfive, a reminder that Marines work hard at home, not just in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here are members of 26th MEU helping out with the levees in Indiana.
If you're there, say thanks to a Marine..and give them a beer.


Flag Day - Fly Your Flag

Get Old Glory out in the sun. Say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Above all, let's be thankful for this great country and what we have. There are others in our land who are suffering this week -- flooding, tornadoes, those poor Boy Scouts' families...and Tim Russert's family. Not to mention all of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coasties who are on duty today (and every day) all over the world, in harm's way, keeping our butts safe and sound in our cities and towns.

Here's our flag...where's yours?

Friday, June 13, 2008

223rd Army Birthday

Happy Birthday guys...Danny, Chuck, Scott, Nate,
This country wouldn't be free without you.

What would a birthday be without a little fun?
I swear I saw Danny in this first video...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gas Prices and the Politicians

This is a pretty good graphic from Roy Blunt (R), the House Whip.

I paid $3.96 and $4.09 this weekend...drove over 700 miles. It's getting pretty damn expensive to drive an SUV. But that's my choice to make...not Obama's.

H/T Powerline