Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Boss on Travel 9/30

Hubby and I are visiting our son and he recently moved into a beautiful apartment. He has been in his new home for almost three months and guess what? Still no TV. That is right -- no cable, no satellite, no rabbit ears, no nothing. I am having withdrawal from FOXNEWS, O’Reilly, Hannity (no Colmes) and just all the news in general.

I am not sure how he does it or why he does it but it doesn’t seem to bother him or his girlfriend at all. When they “watch TV”, they are really just watching a movie. Now don’t get me wrong, I love movies during the weekends but during the week, I need to know what is going on. I have gotten so used to screaming at the TV, jumping out of my chair when I hear something stupid, walking out of the kitchen (as I am preparing dinner) with a knife in my hand and yelling at Pelosi spewing her crap on TV. This no TV is messing with my life as I know it.

Now on the other side (fair and balanced) it feels like my blood pressure is down, I am a lot calmer, no headaches and sleeping really well at night. Yeah, Yeah, I know, what you are thinking, but I just can’t continue this no TV, cold turkey thing, I’VE GOT TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING.

So I will take my blood pressure medicine, take my aspirin and sleeping pills and go find a TV at Best Buy playing FOXNEWS.

The Boss on Obama 9/28

Hey, I don't write 'em, I just post em.

We are currently in the car driving listening to Fox News. They cut in to let us listen to Obama speaking to the people in Detroit.

Obama has now hit an all time low and has now made the race for the White House a racial race.

He and his campaign people have kept inferring that this is a race based on color and today he point blank played the “slavery” card to rile up the crowd in Detroit. Any wonder why? With the recent scandal of Mayor Kilpatrick, the jobless rate growing every day, housing prices in the Motor City at an all time low and in general a very depressive place to live, Obama steps in to be viewed as the “savior” to lead them out of slavery and into the promise land.

Those people standing on the steps of the Detroit City Library listening to Obama spew his radical racial views as a means to secure the highest seat in our country will be no better off four years from now if they vote based on race rather than ability.

If those same people would take the time to read his “plan” they would be enlightened as to his lack of understanding for our economy and global security.
Any person who uses the race card for personal gain in the end will get what they deserve. It may put him in the White House but he will go down in history as the “worst” president in our country.

If I were to tell you I was voting for John McCain because he is white, they would call me a racist. What about those people voting for Obama because he is black? They are racists, too. Fair is fair.

As a child of the Baby Boomer era, I would hope that we have moved past the deep seated racial hatred. I guess some of us have but the black community has not. They continue to hang on to the past with no real knowledge of their true history.

Those people standing on the steps of the Detroit City Library should go inside the library and read about slavery. African tribes took other Africans from their villages and made them slaves in the 1500’s; it was those same African tribes that introduced slavery to the white European traders and they made an excellent living selling their own brothers and sisters.

The next time you hear anyone talk about what “whites” did, remind them it was their own black ancestors that created the slavery market place.

The other point I would like to mention is the fact that Obama is half white and yet he continues to align himself with only the black community. Is he denying his white mother, is he ashamed of his white ancestors, is he ashamed of being half white and a racist against white people?

If voting for John McCain because he is right makes me a racist, then I wear that badge proudly.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Transparent as Tin Foil

Word came last night at 11.37 CDT (yeah, I was up) that Congress has reached a deal on the financial bailout. Two comments:

1. It sure didn't look like it from their sour pusses.
2. No details of the bill were discussed.

Newt Gingritch has it EXACTLY RIGHT (from the Atlanta Journal Constitution):

The former Georgia congressman also demanded that the final version of be bill be posted on the Internet for 24 hours before Congress votes on the package.

“That will let you flush out the kind of hidden, secret deals that crop up, that the press finds two weeks after something’s been voted on,” he said.

He's absolutely right...it should be posted for 24 hours just so the public can see what kind of pork they are trying to load up in this bill.

H/T The Corner and ajc.com

Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/11 Hijackers Remains

Over at Right Wing News, Gina has this interesting post:

What Should Be Done with the 9/11 Hijackers' Remains?

So, we've got some pieces and bits of 13 of the 9/11 hijackers.

The question is, what do we do with them?

Seven years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the remains of 13 of the 19 men responsible have been identified and are in the custody of the F.B.I. and the New York City medical examiner's office.

But no one has formally requested the remains in order to bury them.

"Politically, one can understand that this is a hot potato," said Muneer Fareed, secretary general of the Islamic Society of North America and a former professor of Islamic studies. "People don't want to identify with the political equivalent of Jeffrey Dahmer."

What would happen if someone asked for the hijackers' remains is not clear.

Neither the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which holds the remains of the nine hijackers whose planes hit the Pentagon and crashed in a field in Somerset County, Pa., nor the New York City medical examiner's office, which holds the remains of 4 of the 10 hijackers who flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings, has policies to deal with such a request.

"If and when it comes up, we'll address it then," an F.B.I. spokesman, Richard Kolko, said.

The bureau could turn down such requests, Mr. Kolko said, because the Sept. 11 investigation is an open case.

The medical examiner's office, which, like the F.B.I., refuses to say where exactly the remains are being kept, will eventually put together a committee to come up with a policy, said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the office.

Groups representing the victims of Sept. 11 are not sure what should be done with the remains.

"It would be sadly ironic if they ended up being properly buried or sent to a Muslim country when many of the remains of the victims remain buried in a garbage dump," said Kurt Horning, a founder with his wife, Diane, of the group WTC Families for Proper Burial. "I know we'd feel very distressed."

The Hornings' son, Matthew, 26, was working at the World Trade Center and died there on Sept. 11. Their group has been advocating for excavation of the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island where ash and other debris from the World Trade Center site was buried. The group believes the debris may contain identifiable remains.

The identified remains of the victims of Sept. 11 are regularly returned to their families upon request, after officials have made positive identifications.

I'm sure RWN readers can come up with some excellent suggestions.

I'm not sure what should be done, but I can suggest some guidelines: (1) no honorable burial and (2) preserve some DNA to keep future generations from rewriting history to absolve these Islamic terrorists and blame others who are innocent, as many have already tried to do.

Visit GINA COBB for more news and commentary

I'll tell you what we do with them. We incinerate them, use the ashes in making the bomb casings for a few CBU's, and we use them on the bastards in the Paki-Afghani border region. I'm sure that if we announced that we were going to do this, many of these morons would voluntarily cluster together to be martyred with the 9/11 hijackers' remains. So much the better. They cluster, and we use cluster-bombs.

H/T Right Wing News

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unpatriotic Taxpayer?

Joe Biden is a one-man bullshit show. Wind him up and out comes...crap.

Biden said this about paying taxes:

"We want to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people," Biden said. Of those who would pay more, he said: "It's time to be patriotic ... time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut." (Emphasis mine.)

Uh, no.

From Judge Learned Hand: "Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes. Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands."

I'll be damned if I'll sit by and let this moron call me unpatriotic. You know what? All that money I send over to support soldiers? I don't write that off...that's my patriotic duty...not paying more freaking taxes.

November can't come soon enough, and Joe can go back to Delaware and "suck it".

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Boss, Part VI

Now she's pissed about Barack Obama...gee, there's a surprise.

Oh my gosh, I just heard this on the radio: Barack Obama is black !!!! DUH !!!

What I don't understand is why he has to keep telling us he is black. Why does he have to keep bringing up his ears (if he doesn't like them, then get to a Plastic Surgeon)? It is pretty petty that you, Barack, have to use your physical features to try to garner votes by getting stupid people to feel sorry for you, because you are black with big ears.

Here's news for you Barack: I am NOT blind. I can see your big ears sticking out the sides of your face...and I can see that you're black. So what?? It will not change my mind that you are NOT the right choice to be our next President.

It is your lack of experience, fabrication on your accomplishments, your so-called associates and a lack of knowledge of what the American people and this country need; those are the reasons I am NOT voting for you.

Get over yourself.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Change...your Underwear

Apparently Obama has heeded his own advice. He has now changed his campaign slogan. Here's what Fox News says:

Obama, whose slogan has long been “Change We Can Believe In,” has since the end of the Democratic National Convention in late August altered his rallying cry — and not because it ends in a preposition.

Obama now speaks at a podium that bears the words “Change We Need.”

Hehe...he'll need to change his drawers before he's done. McCain is just getting wound up on his ass. Wait till the Swift-boaters get started on this empty suit.

H/T Fox News Online

Fed Wastes MORE of YOUR Tax Dollars

Dammit, I didn't want this to happen. I didn't agree with the loans to Chrysler, I don't think the government should have created CONRAIL, and I DAMN sure don't want my tax dollars loaned to AIG.

If an insurance company can't make a profit, it should go out of business. This bull about it being "too big to fail" is nonsense...and non-provable until we try it.

The Feds will probably screw this up, and we'll lose half of the $85 billion. Trust me. AND -- our taxes will go up.

Damn Hank Paulson, damn Ben Bernanke, and to hell with AIG.

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Weather Channel lefties

This kind of thing just chaps my ass. When I went to weather.com today to check the weather for this weekend's Cowboy/Packer game (I GOT TICKETS!), I was presented with this b.s.:
WE ARE NOT IN A RECESSION! At best, we don't know yet. For the morons at the Weather Channel, a recession is defined as 2 quarters in a row of economic contraction ("negative growth" -- why do they use that term?). We have not had a contraction in years. We MIGHT have a contraction this quarter -- but we won't know for 45 days or so. Then we'd need to have a contraction NEXT quarter, too. And we won't know about that until February. What the hell is going on at the Weather Channel...are they cheering for a recession? Damn commies.

So, dammit, we are NOT in a recession now. I am so sick of this b.s. I could stick a copy of the Commerce Dept's report right up the Weather Channel's backside.

And, for the record, there is no man-made global warming, dammit.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Boss, Part V

These damn Democrats are going to be the death of me...The Boss is still mad as hell...

Well, I was hoping to get to Friday and not have to discuss all the Stupid People but as usual, they keep putting their faces on TV and opening their mouths.

The interview with Gov. Palin and Charles Gibson was a new low for ABC and Gibson (notice I didn't call him "Mr" Gibson). Sitting there as a professor with tenure, reading glasses sitting low on his nose, his posture and whole package was a show of arrogance like I have never seen before. The tone of his questions was insulting and haughty. In his haste to make her look unprepared and not qualified for the role of VP, Gibson was very wrong on the Bush doctrine, not Gov. Palin. (High five, Sarah!)

Has he forgotten basic business etiquette? He may not agree with her politics, he may not agree with her parenting skills, BUT she is the Governor of Alaska and deserves the respect that comes with her position.

Shame on you Gibson. Shame on ABC for not setting a higher standard for their news anchors; shame on you both for showing your media bias.

So Gibson, you win the Stupid People Award for Friday September 12, 2008.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Boss Part IV -- McCain / Obama Forum

She's still pissed...man, I gotta find her a gunrange where she can take some of this frustration out on a few targets...

I can't believe I am going to say this but Fox News really missed "it" tonight following the Presidential Forum on community service.

If you listened to Barack Obama, his answers mirrored those of John McCain...............and WHY...........he said twice: he was listening from backstage! Did anyone on the FoxNews panel even mention that fact? NO !!!! They did mention how close each candidates answers were.....duh!!!

If Barack Obama moves any further to the right he is going to trip over John McCains shoes.

Enough said for the night.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Boss, Part III

She's still pissed...

I was going to write a blog entry this evening about Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews but in light of a few key items in the news today, I have decided to put a Stupid People list together.

There have been so many stupid people popping up in the past 5 days it will be hard to rate who is in first place and the winner of the Stupidest People Award goes to….

1) Carol Fowler for her comment "primary qualification seems to be that she (Palin) hasn't had an abortion."

Barack Obama for his quote "You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig,'

3) Joe Biden for his quote "Chuck, stand up, let the people see you," Chuck Graham is in a wheelchair

Oprah Winfrey for her comment "at the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over."

5) Barack Obama for this quote "that sex education for kindergarteners", as long as it is "age-appropriate," is "the right thing to do."

6) David Letterman about Sarah Palin parenting skills "don't you want your President to have had the presence of mind to have chatted to her teenaged kids for five minutes about birth control?"

Alan Combs on the wedding of Sarah and Todd Palin "I think I can guess the real reason why they eloped, and it wasn't to save money on an expensive wedding".

8) Matt Damon on Palin… "it's like a really bad Disney movie. The hockey mom, you know, 'oh, I'm just a hockey mom'...

9) Karen L Thurman Congresswoman…… "Alaskan Sarah Palin is a dangerous right-winger who lacks the judgment to lead."

Stephanie Cutter, Michelle Obama's chief of staff, told MSNBC on Tuesday: "The more we learn about her, the more these facts don't add up. We now learn that she's the queen of pork in Alaska."

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More from The Boss

The next line is to be sung to the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby"

All the stupid people, where do they all come from? All the stupid people, where do they all belong?

I got to thinking this morning about the blog rant I wrote last night about all the "stupid" people in the DNC and this morning it hit me, it is not only the DNC that is full of stupid people. There are others out there fueling the stupidity.

Number one on the list is Oprah, followed closely by Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews of MSNBC, the executives at CBS , NBC, CNN, the New York Times. I could go on, but why? There are plenty of stupid people to write about.

Lets start with Oprah. OH MY GOSH, she is at the pinnacle of stupidity right now. I was talking to my husband this morning about how women are canceling subscriptions to "O" magazine, how they are are writing in and telling her she is no longer welcome in their homes (via TV). I mentioned that the women of this country helped to make her successful and that most of those women were "white". Now I don't want to make this a racial thing, so hear me out. My husband asked how many of these women are "white" and I said around 75 percent . Just to see if I am right, I went to the Internet to check demographics for Oprah.com, and it showed that 77% of the women were white, 15% black, 5% Hispanic, 2% Asian.

If you have ever watched the show her audience is mostly white middle class women. Facts are facts.

So I ask, how can she be so stupid as to not have Sarah Palin on her show? Yeah, yeah, I have heard and read her reasons why, and they are not valid. The last time Obama was on her show was December 2007 and he was not the Democratic nominee yet. He was also on once before that. Oprah did not have on any of the other candidates running for their parties' nominations, nor did she have on any of the Republican nominees. I doubt anyone could call this media bias "fair and balanced." She has the right to have on her show who she wants but we also have the right to change the channel and reject her manipulation of her viewers.

By not having Sarah Palin (or John McCain) on the Oprah Show, Oprah shows her true color (no pun intended) and it is blue. For the first time in history Oprah is taking sides and letting all the world know she is voting for Obama. The hockey moms, soccer moms, football , baseball, basketball moms, PTA moms only want to see Sarah Palin (a hockey mom who most represents them) on the show they have made successful. Sarah Palin is the one candidate that these moms can relate to and identify with.

I can only hope when McCain/Palin win the election this fall and Oprah wants Sarah Palin on her show, that Sarah declines because she is to busy cleaning up the mess the Democratic congress has made.

Oprah, all I have to say is "with this action you have joined the ranks of all the stupid people."

Tomorrow, Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews...can't wait !!!!

She's on a roll...

Monday, September 08, 2008

How Stupid are the leaders of the DNC, the Press and Obama team members?

From The Boss at My House:

The conventions are over and we now have a neck-and-neck Presidential race on our hands.

I can't help but sit back and wonder exactly how stupid the DNC leaders, the left–wing press and the Obama team members are.

Obama keeps telling the world that families and children in those families are off limits and no one is listening. They continue to discuss her family and all their family issues, late night talk show hosts do their best to poke fun at the Palin family and Sarah. The press isn't any better with all the trashy magazine covers (US Magazine) and stupid cartoons.

The DNC had a golden opportunity to at least make sure that Hillary was made the VP candidate for the party, but nooooooo, Obama and the good old boy network at the DNC (Michelle Obama also) made sure that was never going to happen.

While Hillary is honestly not a favorite of a lot of people around the country, she is a woman. (Hint, Hint you idiots). Why do you think she polled so well during the campaign for the Democratic nomination? It wasn't her personality, or who her husband is – it is because she is a woman (Hint, Hint you Democratic idiots).

Obama was very smug after beating Hillary and had nothing but praise for her and her abilities. (Obama you lying sack of sh**)

The DNC and Obama must have had their balls in a knot when John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP candidate – a woman!!!!

Payback is a bitch, Barack; you screwed one woman over and now another woman is coming after you and she will show you no mercy.

Barack, if you learn nothing else from this experience, remember this. Moms are like mother bears and you don't f*** with their cubs.

FYI -- In case you didn't notice, my bride is pissed off.

Picture H/T FirstPeople.US

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Welcome to the REAL World

At a fundraiser, Obama said this:

"I hope you guys are up for a fight. I hope you guys are game because I haven’t been putting up with 19 months of airplanes and hotel food and missing my babies and my wife – I didn’t put up for that stuff just to come in second."

Yeah, well, I don't do it to come in second, either.

I do it to FEED MY FAMILY, you sanctimonious ass.

I have been traveling on business for 28 years. 2.4 million miles just on Delta. 500k each on United and American, plus a lot of others that are long gone (Braniff, TWA, Pan Am, Western, Eastern, PSA...). A lot of hotel food and missed flights.
19 months and he's WHINING? Wonder how much he bitches when he can't get room service.

What a jerk.

H/T The Weekly Standard

PS Most memorable flight? Boston to Tampa in 1981. Right, Marty?

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Art Linkletter would be proud

I think Palin hit it out of the park last night...but you don't need me to say that. You've been hearing that all day today.

But this...THIS is the best moment from last night. It sure should make its way into an ad. I know it will take its place in history.
It's an Art Linkletter moment.

H/T The Corner