Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cool website -- check it out

Last night I stumbled (literally - I use on a great website. It's LibraryThing. For those of you (like me) that have large book collections, one of the struggles is how to catalogue and keep track of all of the books you have. I've started many times over the years to create an Excel spreadsheet and put in Title, Author, ISBN, etc. It's just too big of a task. I have about 5,000 books, so you can imaging the pain in the tail it would be to enter all this info, instead of just putting in the ISBN.

Well, it's now easy as pie. With this new website (free for up to 200 books, $10 for one year, $25 for lifetime) all you have to do is enter the ISBN (you either know what that is, or quit reading this entry). These folks have created a search engine that goes out and gets the info about the book, including a small image of the cover. How cool is that? You may tag your books so that you can sort by type, and you can download the list to an Excel spreadsheet.

The only (minor) issue I had was that, on some of my older books, there was no cover art. Hey, what do you expect when you enter a college textbook from the 70's?

UPDATE: I found out that you can scan the cover of any book that this service doesn't find and add it in...better than 6 beers and the Coors girls (well, not quite).

I HIGHLY recommend all of you to check out this website, sign up, and start using it. I have a link over on the right. >>>>>> (That's over here>>>> for you ambidextrous folks.)

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