Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror plot while Bush and Blair on "vacation"

As we learn more about the terror threat that has been discovered in Britain, I think we can discount (further) the kooks that complained about "we're at war, and Bush is GTT (Gone To Texas) for a vacation". Tony Blair is also on "vacation"; I suspect they wanted to get out of the spotlight, throw off the NYTimes and the other traitorous MSM who would tell (sorry, "report responsibly to") the terrorists about what we're doing to fight, and get to secure locations so that they could coordinate the take-down of the bad guys.

Some sensible precautions on the part of our gov't (and I'm not being a conspiracy kook when I observe these):

1. Bush and Blair are away from their respective capitols
2. Succession-planning seems to be working fine (as POTUS and VPOTUS are now split up)
3. US Gov't has raised the Terror Level warning
4. Tomorrow is 8/11, so we probably had our antennae up anyway

Interestingly, I have a plug-in to Firefox that displays the current threat level from DHS. It's still showing "Elevated (yellow)". Looking at the DHS website, they have NOT updated the website yet. The announcement of the Threat Level being raised was made about 20 minutes ago now, and DHS still hasn't raised the notice on the site to Orange.

Oh well...just tells you that, in spite of it all, the gov't moves slowly.

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