Thursday, April 19, 2007

Harry Reid, once again, worthless

Please visit COB's blog. This is very important and personal for him, as his son is currently serving in Baghdad with the 82nd Airborne.

And I propose a mass boycott of all of Nevada until the voters of Nevada get rid of this POS Harry Reid.

I humbly ask that you all give this the widest spread possible across your blogs or those that you frequent.
Senator Reid has gone beyond just pandering and political amatuerism; he is now endangering my son. I am sure that most of you can imagine how I feel. Imagine if one of your sons were in a dangerous place and a politician's acts and statements did no less than greatly increase his danger?
Again, I ask your indulgence but I think thousands of messages just might make a difference. It likely won't change Reid's position but I will copy the message to every Senator and, if nothing else, might steel the resolve of those who still believe in the US military.
Thanks for your help,

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