Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pardon Me for not Paying Taxes

I LOVE this idea.

Most interesting idea:

Derb—-You said: 'Imagine, for example, President Ron II trying to push his bill to abolish the IRS through Congress. Congress! — whose members eat, drink, breathe and live for the wrinkles they can add to the tax code on behalf of their favored interest groups!' That's a good point, but please consider this: if elected President, Ron Paul can bring the income tax grinding to a halt by very publicly giving full pardons to anyone convicted of violating the IRS code. He could even deliver television speeches encouraging Americans to stop filing returns. Faced with a public rebellion, and with the "teeth" pulled from the IRS by the pardons, Congress would have little choice but to bow to Paul's will. See? I can dream too!

H/T The Corner

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