Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Richard Widmark, RIP

My favorite movie of his is The Bedford Incident, with Sidney Poitier. He was also in The Alamo, as Jim Bowie.

This picture is with James MacArthur.

National Medal of Honor Day

Today is that day. Read MOH citations here, at the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. If you are near a recipient, please SALUTE HIM and say thank you.

Say a prayer for such men.

Picture is of the Army MOH.

H/T Free Republic and The Corner.

The Destroyermen

Great new blog, as the USS Russell (DDG 59) gets underway.
Go here and read it...all of it.

God bless them.

H/T Lex, Picture from goatlockerguns

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spineless High School Principal

Dr. Steve Massey, Principal
Forest Lake Area High School (MN)

Shame on this moron for reneging on an agreement to host Vets for Freedom. If the Vets had bent over backward any farther to accommodate this lefty, they'd be in the VA with back trouble. The Democratic Underground (nice brave souls, all) bullied this chicken-livered idiot into breaking his promise.

Write him an email telling him what a jerk he really is. Keep it clean.

Thank God for the American Legion. Make a contribution to them here.

H/T Powerline

Monday, March 24, 2008

XM Radio - Sirius Radio Merger Approved

Well, it's about freaking time. The morons at the Business Prevention Department, er, sorry, Justice Department, just figured out that these two face competition from land-based radio stations. Ya think? Bunch of freaking bozos if you ask me. What in the world does the JD know about business ('cept how to be the sales-prevention department)?

Another "can we color margarine yellow" kind of question. They had to think about it for a year before they said yes. Jeez.

The ONLY thing bad about this deal is Howard Stern. But, as least you can't bitch about hearing him, since you have to pay for his filth. You can always change the channel...

I use XM for Fox News and Willie's Place. It will be good to get the NFL now. Driving from Dallas to Wisconsin just got a whole lot easier.

Operation Homefront

Watch and Earn [John J. Miller]

Help the non-profit group, Operation Homefront, simply by watching this Five for Fighting video, "Freedom Never Cries." The guy behind the counter at the pawnshop, by the way, is a real Medal of Honor recipient.

H/T The Corner

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hillary dodges truth, not snipers

This week has been full of news: Obama's defense of his wacko-nutjob pastor, discussions about Superdelegates, the stock market impersonating a yo-yo, etc.

None of us doubts that Hillary lies, and will spin anything she can to win the nomination and the Presidency. I think she's toast, and said so here, when Corvair Nader entered the race. She's a goddamn fraud, and she'll say anything to steal the nomination from Obama (now THERE'S a surprise).

From Hot Air, here's a video of Hillary caught in an absolute lie about visiting Tuzla when she was Worst Lady. This is the same type of outrage as the Army private that lies about his service, and lies about his medals, or the bozo that says he was a SEAL, when he was a cook.

Anyway, watch the video. I have copied the text from Hot Air after the vid.

It shows a clearly confident and unconcerned Hillary Clinton strolling off of her airplane, with a smiling 15-year-old Chelsea in tow, and stopping on the tarmac for the greeting ceremony Hillary claims never took place. Instead of dodging sniper fire from the hills, Hillary stops to listen to a poem from a Bosnian girl, and to thank the girl and embrace her. At no point in this video does Hillary show any sense of danger or haste.

Hillary Clinton lied about Tuzla. She lied about it to make people believe in her qualifications to handle national crises. If she sells her Tuzla greeting as a harrowing encounter with death, what other delusions would she try to sell us as President?

H/T Hot Air

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why Pro Soccer Players are Wimps

Here's a pic of Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United. Apparently, MU is a soccer team.

Ronaldo was zapped with a laser by a fan in the stands. He was not injured.

My caption: "The my eyes...waaahhhhh".

Another example of a soccer player being a pussy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

John Wayne on Family

Hard to argue with these values. The Duke sure had his priorities straight.

Does anyone think Pastor Wright, Obama, or Hillary would ever agree with these words?
Hell, we already know that Michelle Obama isn't proud of John Wayne. Must be a commie.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Gratitude Campaign

Let's not forget to say "thank you" when we see our troops. I find that it's very much appreciated. I try to say thanks to all of them I pass in airports. You'd be surprised at the smiles and the cheer it brings --- to both of us.

And don't forget Red Shirt Friday.

H/T Lone Star Times

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tiger Woods beats Obama

I thought this was great from Paul Burka in Texas Monthly.

"He just triple bogeyed the presidency. He's done. He was done the day he first heard Wright's outbursts and didn't resign from the congregation. There is no way that the superdelegates will send him out as the Democratic nominee now. The truth is, Obama did fine until the Clinton campaign began to attack him, and then he showed that he just wasn't up to it. Better we find out now than later."

Just wait and see what happens if Obama wins the popular vote and the elected delegate count on the road to the nomination...and the Superdelegates give the nomination to Hillary. We'll have to wipe the blood off the streets in Denver and Chicago. And if you think Pastor Wright has caused racial tensions, just wait for the smoke-filled back room delegates to give the nomination to Hillary.

At least it will be the Democrats that steal the nomination from Obama.

Picture from Flikr. H/T BurkaBlog

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama and the Black Church

Picture stolen from Moonbattery.

I would like to take this discussion in a little different direction.

Sure, I think Obama screwed the pooch on this whole fiasco. He's toast as far a being an agent of change. Everyone (well, that I know anyway) knows he's just pandering, just admitting enough to try to stay in the race, stay in for the nomination. What -- we're surprised when a politician spins? Puh-LEEZ!

But here's a bigger issue that's bothering me. I have been in black churches before. Not in 25 years, but back in my college days, and for a few years after, I attended a black church in Dallas at the invitation of a couple of friends of mine. Not my style, but pretty cool, looking back on it. A lot of singing, a lot of "amen!", and my first experience of an electric guitar in a church.

But the congregation was not full of moonbats. We were regular people, from all walks of life, singing, dancing, and praying. Again, not really my style, but recognizable to my Lutheran experience.

My issue is -- what's going on in Obama's "black church"? I mean, can black congregations seriously believe 9/11 was in inside job? That AIDS was invented by the government and introduced to kill people of color? That the black congregation must remain loyal above all to "black first". What lunacy is this? That's my reaction.

But then...if these churches really believe these things...doesn't that mean that, for all of our "coming together", all of our fighting "racism"....doesn't it mean we've failed? Because if there is a large number of people that truly believes this...then racism is much bigger NOW than it ever was. Racism is rampant. Doesn't that follow?

And it means that the "black church" is giving lip service to equality. It's almost the reverse of what we in the South have always been accused of...saying we're not racists, but acting racist in private. The "black church" would be doing the same thing. They've be guilty of as large a hypocrisy. They would be giving lip service to getting along, all the while preaching racism against whites.

This would seem to be a big hidden bomb...wouldn't it? It's hidden white racism turned on its head. And how in the world do we face each other at work, at the store, on the playground, at school, if this is TRULY what's being preached and believed in these "black churches".

Commenter after commenter on the talk shows asked black guests, "You don't really believe these vile things being said by Wright, do you?" And you know what...they go out of their way to stumble out an explanation like "Well, you have to put it in context" or "No, I don't believe it, but you can see how people could". I mean, if someone asked me "Do you believe Hitler was right about the Jews?", I'd say "Of course not! Are you nuts?". Why, then, aren't the black church goers, AND OBAMA, saying "This guy is nuts...but we just tune him out". That would be better (not perfect)...better than the equivocation we got today in which Obama said he could no more turn his back on Wright than on the black church.

I tell you what...if our dear Pastor HC said this crazy stuff, we'd take him out for a beer and get his mind right. And if he kept it up...well, we'd commit him to the loony bin. Right, HC?

I mean, this really bothers me. I don't give a damn about Obama...or Hillary. I care about what seems to be going on just below the surface in America's "black churches". Can it really be as bad as Obama's moronic rant would indicate? As bad as Pastor Wright? And Obama seems to be missing this point. If he thinks he's gonna get elected with a whack-job like that for a pastor, he's still on the coke.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A New Banker in Town

J.P. Morgan Chase Manhattan Chemical Manufacturers Hanover Bank One First Chicago National Bank of Detroit Bear Stearns

Bear Stearns has been around since 1923.
I wonder if the Bear Stearns logo will survive in any form.

My grandfather worked on Wall Street at Halsey Stuart (became part of Bache). I think he'd be laughing all the way to the new bank, because he would have shorted it.
Thursday: $57/share
Friday: $30/share
Sunday: $2/share

The guys that bet wrong lost...and those that shorted it won BIG.

That's capitalism. God Bless America (not God **** America, as Obama's guy would have it).

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Remember the Alamo

On this day in 1836, 189 brave souls lost their lives, to buy time for an army to be put together near Houston.

The Alamo


Cactus Cuties

Now THIS will make you proud to be an American -- and a TEXAN.

Another reason that I miss living in Texas.

Here's another link with a different viewing angle.

Here's a link to another game where they sang.


H/T ::martin::

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Independence Day

On this day in 1836, Texas declared independence from Mexico...
and they've been trying to reinvade us ever since.

Here's a link to the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Here's last year's post...go ahead, Kiss a Texan.