Monday, October 04, 2010

White Sheet or Burka?

Paul Krugman (referred to as Mr. Excrement in our house) writes in the NYTimes:

A note to Tea Party activists: This is not the movie you think it is. You probably imagine that you’re starring in “The Birth of a Nation,” but you’re actually just extras in a remake of “Citizen Kane.”

This is a reference to the Ku Klux Klan -- "The Birth of a Nation" depicts the Klan as the good guys. Despicable.

As bad as this is, it got a laugh out of THE BOSS. When I read that comment out loud to her, her immediate reaction was,
"If it's a choice between a white sheet or a burka, I'll take the sheet and accept being called a racist. Hell, Obama and the left already think I'm a racist because I won't bow to that b****** in the White House".
My wife -- I think I'll keep her.

H/T Creative Minority and Weasel Zippers

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Anonymous said...

It is pretty sad that the left feels the need to paint everyone who wants to save this country as a racist. The very people who voted for O are the ones suffering from O's policies.

I am from Texas, too!