Sunday, February 27, 2011


I attended the organizational rally for the Recall Wirch drive today. It was a cold, snowy day in Southeastern Wisconsin. I estimate that 400-500 people turned out over about 3 hours. Here are a few pics:

I was pleased with the turnout, and pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm and energy shown by all. Frankly, I thought my wife and I were the only two who were pissed off enough at Wirch to show up. Boy, was I wrong on that score!

There were perhaps 50 total counter-protesters...with "I support Wirch" signs, along with "Stop Threats to our Union" signs. There were also some inside the Parkway Chateau...but no confrontations.

I've got my Petition Pages and will Pound the Pavement Pretty Promptly.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! I'm in Kenosha as well, and would have loved to attend the recall rally, but I had to work. Wirch has got to go. I'm so glad that people in this district are showing up and letting their voices be heard. Thanks again!

Peanut said...

Thank you for the report. I'm in Ohio, but am watching WI as closely as I have time for as we may soon have the same scenario.

My thoughts since day one was they have abdicated and should immediately be replaced...all 14 of them!

God speed on your quest for signatures and recall.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried asking the Koch brothers to call him back?

Anonymous said...

Providing that a case can be made that the "fleebagger 14" have abandoned their office; the Governor must declare their offices abandoned and call for a special election; or appoint replacements if allowed. These senators are definitely not conducting the peoples business and should rightfully be replaced. Would you continue to retain the person hired by you to represent your interests if he abandoned advocacy for you? I think not! Try not showing up for work without a legitimate reason and see how long you are still employed. The senators were 'hired' by the people to represent them and they have not only abandoned the people,they have abandoned the State of Wisconsin. In doing so they have defacto abandoned their office and must be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bob Wirch and all of the Wisconsin 14!