Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July Parade

We're spending this July 4th in Topinabee, Michigan, on Mullett Lake. Each year, the Topinabee Fire Department's all-volunteer force stages a spectacular parade along 1,084 feet of roadway. You read that right...a little over 300 yards.

Don't kid yourself...this parade is taken seriously. The kids make floats and ride their bikes behind the pumper truck. The kids love it, and the parents (and grandparents) are carried back to that time in their youth when they had their pictures taken on a fire engine.

This is what small-town America is all about. Flags line the narrow asphalt beach street -- and a great time is had by all. It all takes about 20 minutes.

What? Doesn't every parade have a goat?

Here's the end of the line...

Let's all remember those who are far away from their families, taking fire this holiday, or simply separated from those they care for. They are protecting this way of life. Ridicule this at your peril. Attack it and incur the wrath of our true America.

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Anonymous said...

great story, we should all thank the people who helped allow use to have a great abd free country