Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Respect (and DEFEND) the Uniform

OK, Uncle J over at Blackfive has a good post about a crappy subject...some members of our Armed Forces are being verbally assaulted in DC and elsewhere.

I travel frequently to DFW, DCA, MSP, and ATL. These are all major transit points for troops coming in/going out of the US. I go out of my way to say "thank you" to those I see in uniform (see my previous post).

I swear to GOD, if I ever see or hear this kind of crap, I will pummel the hippy bastard before the soldier has a chance to. I once took a hippy by the scruff of the neck at DFW up to a SSG and made the hippy apologize for a patch on his backpack that said "Soldiers are Murderers".

By God, we all should make a pact...tell the hippy to shut it, or shut it for him. Our brave men and women are fighting for our free speech, which means you can say stupid sh*t, yes, but show a little damn appreciation to those that are writing a check to Uncle Sam. And pray Uncle Sam doesn't cash it.

H/T Uncle Jimbo (kicking a**) and COB6 (leading the way)

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