Thursday, June 19, 2008

License Plates...Against the Law?

I have a good friend who lives in Denver. He was my neighbor there, and in the less than a year that we lived there, he and his family became very close to us. We don't see them often, but we're friends that don't have to see each other all of the time to remain close.

OK, so you know I'm not going mushy here, the reason I bring this up is, he sent me a picture of his new license plates. He's a former Army Ranger, and a finer father you won't find (well, COB is there, too). He's now proud of these new plates...and he should be.

Beware...South Carolina is up against a lawsuit challenging the legality of their Christian Vanity Plates. COB, before moving to SC, better get those Texas plates updated. How long before the moonbats in Boulder sue Colorado to remove these plates? Freaking commies (see previous post).

Rangers...leading the way...again.

H/T Hot Air

P.S. Chuck, have you figured out the Cepacol joke yet?

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