Sunday, October 12, 2008

McCain's Health care proposal -- simplified

Here's the best summary of the McCain vs Obama plans for health care. It's from Yuval Levin. He's cross-posted it on NRO. Remember, McCain is all about giving us freedom of choice, while Obama is about National Health Care (shudder).
The case for McCain's plan can be made very plainly: If you like your coverage as it is, the plan will let you keep it and you will pocket a little more money at tax time. If you don't like your coverage now, the plan will give you a lot more options to choose from and let you use the same money your employer now uses to pay for them. And, if you don't have insurance today, the McCain plan will offer you more options, reduce costs in the market for individual insurance, and put you $5,000 closer to having health insurance. Obama's plan would push tens of millions of people out of private insurance they like and into a vast government program. It would, moreover, raise taxes on hiring in hard economic times and break the federal budget. (Emphasis mine.)
Read all of it here.

H/T The Weekly Standard

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