Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Boss on Black & White Obama 10/2

FYI: The Boss was born and raised in Detroit.

It’s only 9 am Dallas time and I am already pissed off. I started watching the Obama speech to the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan and oh my god, I noticed right off the bat that he is giving a totally different speech to the mostly “white” people in Grand Rapids versus the speech he gave on the steps of the Detroit City Library to “mostly “black” people in Detroit a few days ago.

This speech in Grand Rapids is about jobs and economic issues, while the Detroit speech was about blacks overcoming all the hard times through the 200 + years of this country, including slavery.

What an arrogant SOB !!!! Are Obama and his crew that color conscious that they feel they have created different messages based on race? Do the black people in this country not care about the economy? Do the white people not care about fair treatment regardless of race? Does he really have to change the inflection in his speech pattern when he is speaking to whites and blacks?

Is Obama that stupid to think that no one would notice his racist speeches and gestures? Does this mean if he is elected and living in the White House that he will serve, Prime Rib, salad, baked potatoes, white bread and angel food cake to all the white people who come to dinner and BBQ, potato salad, biscuits and sweet potato pie to all the black people who come to dinner?

If he treats white crowds differently than black crowds while trying to get elected, what makes anyone think he will treat them differently if he is elected?
Wake up America, listen with the two ears you have or suffer for the next four years.

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