Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kowtow Bow

From Jennifer Rubin in Commentary:
It really is maddening enough that the president asks us to deny the laws of economics, the tenets of sound national security, and to accept the untruths perpetually tumbling from his lips (e.g. he doesn’t like big government, he is not naive). Now he says everyone else’s eyes deceive them.
She gets it just right.

Hey, we all make mistakes. But we also pay this moron and his staff a bunch of money to stand for us. If Obama can't own up to a mistake, and instead sends his press secretary and others out to lie for him (meaning he doesn't have the stones to face us and apologize) , what else will he lie about? What won't he lie about?

If he's going to bow, he should do it at Arlington National Cemetery. Now that would be a bow I'd support.

I wonder if he said "massah".

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