Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Annie, Get yer Gun

Texas has a CCW law. So does Michigan, Arizona, Oklahoma...I could go on for 48 states. Only Illinois and Wisconsin do not give you the automatic right to get a Concealed Carry Permit (assuming you pass the test, and can prove you're not a felon). In Wisconsin, your local sheriff can give you a carry permit, but good luck getting one, unless you're a former cop. Sigh. Thanks, Gov Pea-Brain.

I saw a post over at Exurban League about new carry laws in Arizona:
  • If you have your CCW, you can carry concealed into bars or restaurants that serve alcohol as long as they don't post otherwise and you yourself don't drink.
  • You can have a gun in your car, even if your workplace bans them in the office itself.
  • You can use a defensive display of your CCW gun and warn an attacker as a trip-wire between confrontation and engagement.
As Kevin (who wrote it) notes, these are sensible, reasonable, and needed laws. Except you have to be able to get a CCW, ya know? My brother-in-law, over in Michigan, just shakes his head and packs his pistol away when he comes down to see us. Yet when I go up to our hunting grounds in Michigan, he's got it. I don't blame him...I would too, if I could get one.

What in the world are Gov Doyle, Senator Feingold, and Senator Kohl afraid of?

My little-ole H&K? Naw.

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