Sunday, July 05, 2009

Now I'm Un-American

The LA Times called me "un-American" for supporting TEA Parties. He's not worth going to jail over, so I won't punch this punk in the mouth.

Here's the quote:
In such a climate, it strikes me as . . . well, almost un-American to be griping so vehemently about helping those less fortunate. Were this a war, we'd all dig a little deeper to buy guns and battleships.

Well, we're in a war, and we've got to dig a little deeper to provide jobs and economic band-aids. We will. When pressed, we are a pretty amazing country.
I'd be happy to dig a little deeper...and help out someone who needs it. It's called community service, and it's best left to your church, your local volunteer groups, your personal choice...anyone except Washington. If they didn't take 50% of my pay and waste half of that, I wouldn't bitch so much.

The good news? No one reads the LATimes any more, so no one will know I'm un-American.

Read the whole thing (if you have your laugh reflex in check).

H/T American Power

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