Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New USAF Trainer - Nostalgia Alert

Saw this article by Steve Trimble over at The DEW Line.

The Air Force is looking to replace the T-38 Talon as their main training jet. I have fond memories of this aircraft - not because I flew it, but because we spent so many hours watching them do touch-and-gos. Primary training in the T-38 is done at Randolph AFB in San Antonio. There is also an auxiliary landing strip in Seguin, TX, 22.8 miles east of Randolph. We used to float in the Guadalupe River at the end of the runway in Seguin (home of the World's Largest Pecan), drink beer, and watch these guys (no gals back then -- this was the 70's) do touch-and-gos. Nothing finer than drinking beer and breathing JP4 as it's poured out of the afterburner of a T-38.

Ah, takes me back. The old man would be proud. Course, he never flew T-38's. Props and T-33's.

H/T The Dew Line

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