Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taliban Terror Tactics - HIV and Needles

Taliban fighters are burying dirty needles with their bombs in a bid to infect British troops with HIV, The Sun can reveal. Hypodermic syringes are hidden below the surface pointing upwards to prick bomb squad experts as they hunt for devices. The heroin needles are feared to be contaminated with hepatitis and HIV. And if the bomb goes off, the needles become deadly flying shrapnel.

The tactic, used in the Afghan badlands of Helmand, was exposed by Tory MP and ex-Army officer Patrick Mercer. Senior backbencher Mr Mercer said yesterday: "Are there no depths to which these people will stoop? This is the definition of a dirty war." Razor blades are also being used. All Royal Engineer and Royal Logistic Corps bomb search teams have been issued with protective Kevlar gloves.
It is now time to pull out and nuke the whole place. We can then rescue Waterford from bankruptcy and give them all the free glass they can pick out of what's left. And we can drill our own damn wells in whatever oilfields are left.

I mean it...nuke the whole damn place. Obama wants to get rid of our nukes? Fine...use a bunch of em. Dig Osama bin Laden out of the caves by flattening all of the mountains. Make the whole place a skating rink.

New bumper sticker:


This is from an entry at The Corner by Andy McCarthy, quoting the SUN in London (with H/T to Steve Emerson).

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