Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moving to VOIP Step One -- Faster Internet

I called TDS yesterday and placed an order for DSL, along with a POTS line (they require 1 traditional line with a DSL order). The process of calling and ordering was pretty good. I'd give them an "Excellent" compared with SBC/ATT, who would rate a "Poor".

I actually saw a TDS repair van while I was driving to an appointment, and got the phone number off of the van (877-METROCOM). I called and had a 1-minute hold time. (This rates very well compared with SBC/ATT. I called them on Tuesday and was on hold for 32 minutes.) The person on the other end of the line was very knowledgeable about DSL. I told him I was very familiar with the terminology and the process of hooking up DSL, so we had an easier time of it than a normal prospect might (someone who might not really understand DSL).

The entire order process took about 15 minutes, and the DSL will be switched on by the 15th of May. All in all, a pleasant experience. We'll see if they make the due-date.

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