Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moving to VOIP Step Two -- LNP

The second step of the process was to move the existing telephone line to VOIP. I chose Vonage for this line. I went online and ordered the Vonage service for one of my phone lines. I need unlimited long distance, plus all the bells and whistles. This is $49.99/mo, with the first 6 months at $39.99. As many of you know, LNP (Local Number Portability, or keeping your existing number when you move) is a tricky thing, and Vonage has automated the entire process, including qualifying that I was the actual owner of the line (I had to have a copy of my SBC/ATT bill handy). Vonage handles all of the communication with SBC, so they'll never see it coming...just that my number (and money each month) goes away.

The Vonage web site states that LNP and turning the line on takes approx 20 days. The key for me is that I need to have the new DSL hooked up and ready by the time Vonage takes over the number. I think I have it all worked out (famous last words).

Overall satisfaction level so far: 100%

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