Thursday, August 07, 2008

Favre Mania

Being from Dallas, I'm a Cowboy fan, and bleed blue, just like folks up here in Wisconsin bleed green. I just don't care about this entire Favre controversy. However, there is an interesting parallel here that I do think is entertaining.

Recall when Coach Tom Landry was fired by Jerry Jones? I'll tell you...we hung Jones in effigy in Dallas, and I do think that if Jerry had gone out in public, he would have been beaten. We thought he was a dumb, rich hick from Arkansas (hell, we STILL think that) with a bunch of oil money, and how DARE he disrespect our GOD LANDRY. Worse, Coach Landry learned that he was fired from a reporter who found Landry playing golf and asked him how it felt. Landry had no idea that his firing was coming, let alone announced, but he was a class act (as usual) and said that Jones owned the team and could do as he wished.

(Starr and Landry -- Two Class Acts)

This all comes to mind as friends up here work themselves into a frenzy about Favre's trade to the Jets. It's all over the TV, newspapers, blogs, and is the topic of every conversation in the bars and restaurants.

As I said, I don't really care about the Favre trade. But for those of you that thought Coach Landry's firing was no big deal...see how it feels? A dumb-ass club president pulling a dumb-ass move. History repeats itself.

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