Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Should Have Boycotted the Olympics

Shawn Johnson...Gold Medal Winner and all-around cutie. Here's a pic from her website.

Costas interviewed her tonight after she won her Gold Medal. She was wearing the old 'peace sign' earrings. (I'll put a pic up as soon as NBC puts it up on their website.)

Now, I recall what a big disappointment it was for many athletes when we boycotted the Olympics in 1980. So many had trained so hard, and Carter said "no". And there were calls to boycott the Games in Peking this year. A lot of people said, "don't politicize the Olympics", and "it's not fair to the athletes...just let them compete".

We can't have it both ways. If this 16-year-old is going to pull this crap, then we should have boycotted the games. The real pity here is that she's being manipulated by her parents and/or her coach.

We DAMN sure shouldn't go to ANY Olympics in Russia. Let's announce it now, so that those who may want to train won't be surprised.

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