Sunday, June 28, 2009

Botox Pelosi and the 5 Dwarf-minded

With apologies to the Brothers Grimm...

We endured a bit of drama on Friday, with the House passing the Cap & Tax Bill. I had the DVR on C-SPAN all afternoon, and was watching the hijinks. Some random thoughts:

1. Waxman is a pussy. He'd get his ass kicked in any argument with Republican Reps, if they'd just cross the aisle and punch him out.
2. Waxman at one point said (paraphrasing), "I would like quiet in my House". No shit, would we all. But we're too busy running kids to baseball, changing diapers, answering the phone from the bank, and, you know, WORKING. I thought it was incredibly egotistic of him to presume that it was "his" house. I own it, damn it; paid with my tax dollars.
3. Rep Ellen Tauscher was presiding over the debate and the vote. She's leaving the House to work for Obama as UnderSecretary of Popguns. Good riddance.
4. Tauscher and Rep Joe Barton had the best back-and-forth of the day. The 300-page amendment added at 3am by Dems wasn't even on the floor of the House, where it is REQUIRED. Joe Barton asked incredulously about reading the stupid in, "Can we get a copy so that we can read what we're voting on?". Incredibly, Tauscher acted like my third-grade teacher and was a condescending ass. How dare you ask for a copy?, she seemed to be saying. Again, good riddance to this bitch.
5. Kudos to John Boehner for reading excerpts of the bill, and from the 300-page amendment.
6. In case you missed #1, Waxman is a pussy.

The good news is that this may not make it through the Senate, but even if it does, it can be undone with a simple bill in 2010: "The Cap and Trade Stupidity Bill is hereby repealed in all respects. Never mind. Go back and save money."

And you had better vote against these traitor Republicans who voted FOR this idiocy. They could have stopped it. See Michelle Malkin for the whole story and background on these RINO's.

H/T Michelle Malkin

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