Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Will Not Be Safe with OBAMA as President

Check out this chart.

With military spending falling below the average of 5.3% of GDP, we face a more dangerous world with fewer and fewer weapons. And taking that spending down to 3% means that we won't have weapons to shoot down missiles from North Korea, Iran, or any old idiot who puts one up in Cuba. You want COB and his minions to come to the rescue when there's trouble? You gotta pay for grunts, guns, and gunboats, plus gun platforms in the air.

And the US many ships will be around to answer the President when he asks the first question President's always ask when there's a crisis..."Where are the carriers?". 283 today, projected to fall to 225, or even lower, by 2020. You can't build ships overnight. We need to spend money now to make sure we have a 300-ship navy in 10 years. And we had a 600-ship Navy during Vietnam, and 480 under Reagan, who tried like hell to fund a 500-ship Navy.

Folks, for all of our sakes, we need to build a larger Navy!!! Take the money away from ACORN, dammit.

PS. I'm not forgetting you, COB. Fund SPECWAR at double it's current budget.
There, I'll get a birthday card this year. July 12th.



Locutisprime said...

And as of this morning? We have his promised cap and trade bill passed by the house.

Locutisprime said...

Clinton all but destroyed the American military in his eight years in office. I am believing that Obama will do far worse in half the time.

Anonymous said...

We have his promised cap and trade bill passed by the house.


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