Friday, August 21, 2009

Peggy Noonan Nails Coffin on Obamacare

When your teenager wrecks the car, you ask, "What happened?". If you got a straight answer -- "I screwed up and took my eyes off of the road" -- you might get mad, but I think you'd be proud that your teen was being honest and taking responsibility for the screw-up. If you got a long-winded answer, something like "Well, you see Dad, it was like this -- I was talking on my iPhone to Joe, and he told me a joke, and I laughed so hard I was crying. Then this car came out of nowhere and I slammed on the brakes..." Your bullshit detector would be beeping loud enough to wake up your Crazy Uncle Ernie from his beer-induced nap on the couch. You get the picture.

Well, Peggy explains why all of our B.S. detectors have been going off lately about Obamacare. The explanations of what's in THE BILL and what's not in THE BILL just make my head hurt. Sounds like a day at the Barnes and Noble when everyone's purchase is setting off the beeper at the door --
And when normal people don't know what the words mean, they don't say to themselves, "I may not understand, but my trusty government surely does, and will treat me and mine with respect." They think, "I can't get what these people are talking about. They must be trying to get one past me (emphasis mine). So I'll vote no."
True. Kinda like the time back during the 70's gas rationing when I tried to explain the empty tank on the car to Mom: "Someone siphoned it out during the night -- yeah, that's it".

Read the whole thing here from The Wall Street Journal.

H/T The Corner at National Review Online

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