Wednesday, August 05, 2009

US Postal Service bullies Letter Carrier

Over at Patriot Update, they have a story about a letter carrier with 21 years service who is being told he must remove a conservative bumper sticker from the Patriot Depot from his car. Seems that they don't really like conservatives at the Post Office. They say he can't park in the official lot if he keeps the stickers. But he points out that there are Obama stickers on official post office vehicles...hmmm.

I went onto the Postal Service website and got the name of the Postmaster and the address of the Post Office in Grove City, OH where this guy works. I'm going to send a nice but firm letter to the Postmaster there. I know in my town, the Postmaster only manages the front counter, not the letter carrier, so I'm going to ask her if she's the correct person to send the letter to.

Anyway, if you like, here's the address and the name of the Postmaster there. If you write, keep it clean and respectful. Remember, US Postal Inspectors carry guns!

Karen Clifford
Postmaster, USPS
2539 Dartmoor Rd
Grove City, OH 43123-3685

H/T Patriot Update

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