Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Spending, Less Work

Here's a great (well, informative anyway) chart regarding the coincidence of Obama deficit spending and the unemployment rate. Now, as we all know, just because 2 sets of data move together does not mean they affect each other. Just because temperatures go down at night when the sun goes down does not mean that the temperature reduction causes darkness. I should know about this...I was an economics major in college. Ahem. So here's the chart:

What do you think? Me? Well, I think that tax cuts for businesses and individuals would raise employment (if your company's taxes went down, you'd have more money to hire a few more workers). You wouldn't think that last statement was controversial. (Would you?) But liberals have labeled it "trickle-down economics" and say it doesn't work.

It does work. I'll tell you one thing...those lines in the chart above should scare the crap outta Democrats who are thinking about another "stimulus" plan. How does that first stimulus look like it's working for ya?

And just who is going to pay off those deficits? (Hint: Inflation)

H/T The American (Journal of the American Enterprise Institute)

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