Friday, October 16, 2009

With Big, Pointy Teeth...

TIM: Well, It's got huge ... very sharp ... it can jump a... look at the bones.

ARTHUR: Go on, Bors, chop its head off.

BORS: Right. Silly little bleeder. One rabbit stew coming up.

This is what the left gives us for "clean" energy.

Heating plant in Sweden burning rabbits killed in city parks to warm homes

Thousands of rabbits taken from Stockholm parks are being used to fuel a heating plant in Sweden, London's Daily Telegraph reported - and animal rights’ activists are hopping mad.

The frozen bunny corpses are transported to a heating plant in central Sweden, where they're incinerated to heat homes.

Couldn't we at least have a nice sauce? Or a shrubbery?

God help us.

H/T Suitably Flip and Matt's Monty Python Repository for the pic

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