Sunday, November 01, 2009

No Bailout for the US Postal Service

Let's try to get out ahead of the looming cash shortage and potential bailout that the Postal Service is going have. Here is a good story about the USPS from The Business Insider:

Here are my suggestions for the tough, elective, outpatient surgery that we can have now versus the radical emergency surgery we'll need later...and may not survive.

1. Cut out Saturday delivery.
2. Charge for -- yes, CHARGE EXTRA -- for home delivery.
3. Set up a box for every address and sort the mail into this box. Then have the customers come in and pick up their own mail. If they want it delivered...charge extra!
4. Allow competitors to step in and offer mail delivery for a charge. I might start a company that delivers mail to my 5 neighbors in my cul-de-sac. Since I'll pick up mail every day, I might charge my neighbors a dime a day each to bring their mail home to them.
5. Sell off all of those mail trucks.
6. Charge 50c for a stamp.
7. Offer a cattle prod zap for any snarky behavior by Postal Service Employees. (OK, that's a joke...I don't want a Postal Inspector at my house. I'm kidding...really.)

Come on, folks...with email and online bill pay, how many stamps have you used in the last year? We used to do our bills twice a month, and we'd sit down at the kitchen table and write checks, then put a stamp on each bill. Now? I mail no - none, nada, zilch - bills each month. I pay all but 2 bills online. Those last two are my garbage bill and my truck payment. I pay those in person, as I go to the city hall a couple of times a month, and drive by the bank every day.

I know a lot of folks (many elderly) who wait each day for the mailman (can we still use that instead of "letter carrier"?). Sorry, folks, let's move on into the 21st century.


H/T The Business Insider and photo from USPS website

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