Monday, November 16, 2009

Bring 'em to the New World from GITMO

I personally know 1 LTC, 2 MAJ, 2 CPT, and a Coastie NCO who will sign up for this:

My wife said today (after screaming at Judge Napolitano on the radio): bring these terrorist bastards from GITMO to South Texas, not Manhattan. We'll give 'em a bottle of water and a pistol. Since they were originally captured as enemy combatants, we'll put 'em back on the ground illegally. Then we'll have my force (see above) drop them off near Devine, TX. My guys will then hunt them down and kill them.

Just in case any get away (no insult intended to my Ranger friends), we'll auction off Enemy Terrorist Hunting (ETH) Stamps to Texas hunters. What do you want to bet we'll get millions for the ETH Stamps and have a bunch of dissapointed Texas hunters? CPT Chuck and COB6 lead the way!

Problem solved...oh, and just for sport, do it at night, and film it with gun cameras. I know a Texan or two who likes night hunting (kinda like snipe hunting, but different).

Me? I'll be drinking beer, waiting in Dilley, where my old pal Chuck Dixon and I used to go deer hunting. I'll verify the tags on the bodies. Then we take them out into the sand hills and let the animals have em. Might even get a good 12-pointer while we're waiting.

Dove hunting, deer hunting, and terrorist hunting. I love the smell of cordite in the morning...

Who's with me?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Star Spangled Banner

Even CPT Chuck will shed a tear on this one...

H/T Our Local Chief of Detectives Paul

Polish Air Force Veterans Association WWII

THE BOSS and I are over in Detroit for a few days. I wandered into the American Polish Cultural Club in Troy to grab some take-out pirogis.

Imagine my surprise when I spied a plaque commemorating the Polish Air Force members from WWII! What a great memorial!

Here are two pics...the letters were too small for one.

The Greatest Generation indeed -- including our staunch allies, the Poles.

P.S. THE BOSS' great-parents were Polish - Stupinski.

PPS. Notice that it's not the "Polish-American Cultural Club". I overheard folks talking about the fact that they use this hall to administer the oath of citizenship to Poles who become American citizens.

So if you're ever in Detroit, go by there and pay your respects. These are the types of immigrants we welcome with open arms...hard-working folks who appreciate what American citizenship offers them. And there are no people more proud of becoming American citizens than these Poles (with complete respect to my Italian-American Club friends, who appreciate it just as much).

American Polish Cultural Center
2975 E Maple Rd
Troy, MI 48083

Are You Smarter than a 4-Star?

Freaking Obama.

Pull your head out and go "all in".

H/T Dr. Sanity

Saturday, November 14, 2009


We kicked Japan's ass in WWII, after they sneak-attacked us. Then we rebuilt their country from the ground up. They are now one of our closest allies.

I'm all for showing respect to our friends. But the Emperor should be shining BHO's shoes.

I am sick of this P.O.S. and his Apology Tour.

Picture Credit: Reuters


Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Tribute

Which, unfortunately, falls on the day we had a Veteran's Day ceremony in our town.

There are no words that are appropriate other than "Godspeed, and thank you".

H/T Shout First, Ask Questions Later

A Special Thanks to our Veterans

Today was our annual Veteran's Day memorial service. We had a young man from our town killed in Iraq 2 years this hits close to home. His parents attend each year.

A far cry from last year, when it was 20 degrees with a minus 20 wind chill. Today was 68 degrees and sunny.

We dedicated a special memorial to our Korean War Veterans. (Picture to come to you, CPT Chuck.)

God bless our troops, and may God bless those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

A New Reason for Term Limits

(Picture from AP)
Rep. Ahn "Joseph" Cao, from Louisiana, was the only Republican who voted for Obamacare. His reasoning for voting as he did is all you need to read in order to convince yourself to support term limits for elected officials:

According to The Times-Picayune, he said over the summer that "voting against the health care bill will probably be the death of my political career."

With the "yes" vote, Cao may give himself a fighting chance.
So let me get this right...he figured that if he voted his conscience, and with his party and his convictions, that he would lose re-election and his "political career" would be over.

News flash, asshole: If you were true to yourself and your convictions, you would have voted "no" and taken the consequences. But since all you were worried about was your "career" in elected office, sucking on the public teat, you voted selfishly.

This is EXACTLY the reason we need term limits. Whatever happened to citizens who wanted to serve their neighbors for a term or two, then return to their hometown and go back to their old job?

This prick should be run outta town on a rail. Wait, they don't have rails in Louisiana. Never mind.

The people of New Orleans deserve this dumb-ass...or would you rather have the boob that took bribes?

H/T Fox News

Hope and Change... us crap and tax. Plus this...

H/T Exurban League

Friday, November 06, 2009

B-Rod, you ignorant libtard

For my regular readers, please pardon this aside. There's a dumb-ass from the Brian and the Judge website -- goes by the name of "B-Rod"...and since I can't cuss him out over at B&J, thought I'd bring him over here and give him a whippin'. Cover your ears...I'm gonna cuss and break out a can of whoop-ass.

Those of you from Brian and the Judge -- welcome! Now, on with the show.

B-Rod, you are one ignorant m-fer. This piece of shit Major shot folks in cold blood, and we have eye-witnesses who saw it. We even have cops who bravely stood up to him and shot his ass. Deborah says "hang him" and I agree. You don't want to convict him in the court of public's unfair.

Well, boo-fucking-hoo for Major Im-an-Islamic-Dickwad. We should string his ass up from the closest tree...tomorrow. He's a goddam terrorist and deserves no rights -- actually, I take that back. He deserves the same rights he gave to those he killed. I don't want to hear jack-shit, 'specially from your dumb-ass, about how this poor doctor was harassed for being a Muslim. I repeat -- he's a goddamn terrorist and he should be treated as lower than whale-shit.

As for you...I'm about fed up with your pansy-assed liberal bullshit. It's liberals like you who are ruining this country. You probably don't believe in Christmas Trees, puppies, and in the hope of little kids. You can kiss my fat white ass.

We now return you to our regular programming. Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

No Bailout for the US Postal Service

Let's try to get out ahead of the looming cash shortage and potential bailout that the Postal Service is going have. Here is a good story about the USPS from The Business Insider:

Here are my suggestions for the tough, elective, outpatient surgery that we can have now versus the radical emergency surgery we'll need later...and may not survive.

1. Cut out Saturday delivery.
2. Charge for -- yes, CHARGE EXTRA -- for home delivery.
3. Set up a box for every address and sort the mail into this box. Then have the customers come in and pick up their own mail. If they want it delivered...charge extra!
4. Allow competitors to step in and offer mail delivery for a charge. I might start a company that delivers mail to my 5 neighbors in my cul-de-sac. Since I'll pick up mail every day, I might charge my neighbors a dime a day each to bring their mail home to them.
5. Sell off all of those mail trucks.
6. Charge 50c for a stamp.
7. Offer a cattle prod zap for any snarky behavior by Postal Service Employees. (OK, that's a joke...I don't want a Postal Inspector at my house. I'm kidding...really.)

Come on, folks...with email and online bill pay, how many stamps have you used in the last year? We used to do our bills twice a month, and we'd sit down at the kitchen table and write checks, then put a stamp on each bill. Now? I mail no - none, nada, zilch - bills each month. I pay all but 2 bills online. Those last two are my garbage bill and my truck payment. I pay those in person, as I go to the city hall a couple of times a month, and drive by the bank every day.

I know a lot of folks (many elderly) who wait each day for the mailman (can we still use that instead of "letter carrier"?). Sorry, folks, let's move on into the 21st century.


H/T The Business Insider and photo from USPS website

Why Democrats will Lose Big in 2010

I got this in email today...I subscribe to it so that I know what the (philosophical) other side is up to...

Late yesterday news broke that the moderate Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, candidate in the hard-fought special election in New York's 23rd Congressional district, had been driven out and the Republican party was throwing their weight behind the Palin/Limbaugh/Glen Beck endorsed radical tea party candidate instead.

Today, the moderate Republican threw her support behind our proud Democratic candidate Bill Owens.

It has never been clearer that the Republican Party has been hijacked by extreme right wing ideologues with a radical agenda that would effectively dismantle Social Security and Medicare, and are out of step with a vast majority of Americans.

Eight extreme right wing groups spent more than $1 million on this campaign including the Minute Men, Club for Growth and the Family Research Council.

This means your work and your continued support and dedication have never been more critical as we face our one-year-out reporting deadline and this election on Tuesday.

We are up against a well-funded extremist GOP who will stop at nothing to win and whose agenda could quite literally take us backwards to the days of Bush-Cheney.

But, you and I can't let that happen. I will continue to keep you posted on news of this race continues and thank you again for standing with us. We will need you now more than ever.


Jon Vogel
DCCC Executive Director
Now, there is so much wrong with this that I almost don't know where to start. But I do...

First, the general tone of insulting those who are not Democrats is...unseemly. I have friends with whom I disagree about many things...abortion, Obama, Crap and Tax, Health Care Destruction, etc. I don't insult my friends...I just disagree with them. Why does the DCCC think that insulting the "other side" is a winning approach?

Second, the Bush-Cheney bashing is really getting tiresome. Either Obama has his own policy or he's lost...but knock off the Bush-bashing.

Third, "Palin/Limbaugh/Glen Beck endorsed radical tea party candidate" is supposed to be an insult. It's not...I think it's a great description of my beliefs...if only they could spell "Glenn" correctly. You'd think if Glenn Beck was such a threat to life and liberty that they'd know how to spell his name. But...

Fourth...NOOOO...they are too busy labeling us as "extreme right wing ideologues with a radical agenda that would effectively dismantle Social Security and Medicare". Huh...I thought that's what Pelosi and Reid were doing...dismantling SS and Medicare. But what do I know? I just read the freaking bill...

I got another of these last week from my buddy James Carville. I think Carville is entertaining, but I certainly wouldn't buy a used car (or candidate) from the guy.

I think the DCCC is symptom of the bigger problem. And Tuesday will tell us all what 2010 is going to look like.

H/T DCCC (credit where credit is due)

They Shoot Horses(asses), Don't They?

Why is this woman smiling?

It's pretty sad, actually. I hope she's kicked out of the GOP. Who, you ask? Dede Scuzzy...
"Please join me in voting for [DEMOCRAT] Bill Owens on Tuesday. To address the tough challenges ahead, we must rise above partisanship and politics and work together. There's too much at stake in this election to do otherwise." don't endorse the other party's candidate. For crying out loud.

Thank goodness for Hoffman.

H/T NY Daily News