Friday, March 05, 2010

Commies to the left, Commies to the right

I work for a living. I put myself through college. I worked while I was in college...3 jobs. Now, I didn't walk 10 miles to school in the snow (both ways), and I had a great time in college. I also got some scholarship money (academic and athletic).

I have news for is NOT a's a a driver's license.

I just don't understand these morons across the country, mostly in California. Where the hell do they get off thinking they are ENTITLED to MY TAX DOLLARS to put them through college? If you don't like the fact that California raised tuition, vote with your feet. Go somewhere else. Trust me -- there's always a way. And guess what? When (if) you finally get out of college, you'll get that job, because on your resume you'll describe how you are a responsible citizen who knows how to work, show up on time, and be dependable.

Protesting and destroying property will just get you arrested. Try getting into law school with that on your record. Oh, yeah,'re not thinking that far ahead, are you?

And I'd take the "resist" word off your literature...not a great word in the private sector.



Locutisprime said...

An amazing group of people to observe aren't they. Somethings never change and the mentality that hypes this crapola of entitlement is but one example.
Their misery has now spread to thirty eight states. There are at least that many looking at having to cut back and the academic wailing and gnashing of teeth has now begun.

Perhaps if they had turned out more engineers and scientists and doctors, instead of the philosophers of social change, they might not be in this fix.

Texan in Wisconsin said...

I just can't get my head around the fact that the SDS is resurgent on campus. I'm an old the 60's these were thugs and anarchists.

Anyone over 50 will cringe at the mention of SDS...well, those who aren't (still) smoking pot.

I have a liberal arts degree (Economics and English), but I take your point about more FACTS and less THEORY.