Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paul Ryan on C-Span

I don't normally watch's a little dry for my tastes. I do keep up with politics more than the average person, and I participate in local politics...not really national politics.

Right now, I'm watching C-Span non-stop, and I'm struck by how Paul Ryan's arguments are factual, and how all of the Democrats are reading letters, talking about their moms, dads, neighbors, milkmen, etc. In other words, they are all talking past each other.

I strongly oppose the current health care "reform", mostly because it is no such thing. It's just another entitlement that will cause my taxes to go up and reduce the incentives for folks to get off their assess and get an education to get a job.

Obama said he was going to "focus like a laser beam on jobs". Bullshit.

I'm struck by Paul Ryan's skills as a speaker, his command of facts and knowledge of the financial impact of this crappy bill.

Paul Ryan for President...and Pelosi for dog catcher.

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