Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't Tread on Me - Storming the Capitol Building

This is unbelievable to me...when was the last time you heard that people - patriots - were gathered around the Capitol building and unfurling flags from the building itself!

It's just unfathomable that Comrade Pelosi and all these Democrat morons are so tone deaf.

I think that if there were not Secret Service agents around Pelosi that she'd be physically assaulted. I don't know that she'd be hurt, but she'd certainly be in fear of bodily harm. I don't advocate it, and I deplore violence -- I agree completely with the rule of law and the political process. But she's nuts if she thinks she'd be safe to walk across the Capitol grounds if this vote goes her way.

The good news is she won't be Speaker after November's elections.

H/T The Corner

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