Friday, July 04, 2008

Much to be Thankful for Today

Read VDH of his best columns ever. A sample:

"On this troubled Fourth we still should remember this is not 1776 when New York was in British hands and Americans in retreat across the state. It is not 1814 when the British burned Washington and the entire system of national credit collapsed — or July 4, 1864 when Americans awoke to news that 8,000 Americans had just been killed at Gettysburg."

Read it all here.

There are those who would have you believe that the US is in decline, that we're a terrible country, and that our citizens disregard the rights and opinions of others. We're a war-mongering nation which others hate, and we can be better by talking to penny-ante dictators while paying them $150 for a barrel of oil. That is Obama's world, not mine.

Take a walk around your house (inside and out) today and appreciate what your hard work has provided for you. Grill a bratwurst, have a few beers, jump in the pool. We've got it made here in America. Thank a soldier for it.

H/T The Corner

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