Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Puppies and Muslims

There's a big flap going on in Scotland regarding a puppy, a postcard, and Muslims. First, the offending puppy:

This postcard was used to let folks know there's a new number to call for police info. The idea, obviously, was that you'd get the card, see the cute puppy, and read the info. Simple Marketing 101.

Geez, it seems that the poor Muslims consider dogs "unclean". Now they are offended. Poor them. IT'S A PUPPY, DAMN IT!

There is no freaking way that the Tayside police should submit to this absolute b.s. I will personally print up copies of these cards and mail them myself. Just give me a few hundred addresses in Tayside, and off they go.

Political correctness is one thing; but this goes way too far. You want unclean? Come see Yellow Dog after he jumps in the pond at the farm, you morons.

Read about it here.

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