Monday, November 03, 2008


Barack's grandmother died. RIP.

She voted absentee in October.
We hear that her vote will be counted.
Now dead people can vote?


Here's what The Boss has to say about this.

Would someone please help me understand how this works:

How does a dead person's vote count?

Obama's grandmother passed away yesterday and even though she is not alive on Election Day, because she voted Absentee in October her vote counts. How can this be? How can a dead person legally vote?

If dead people can vote, then I need to visit the graves of my grandparents and father and see how they want to fill out their Absentee ballot, because like Obama's grandmother, they are absent!!!!

If dead people can vote then we need to set up polling booths in all cemeteries because you never know who might show up. We will also need to staff these booths with Federal poll watchers just to make sure everything goes according to election rules.

If dead people can vote, how do we verify their addresses? Obama's grandmother will not be living at the same address that is on her voter registration card on election day.

So tell me, how can dead people vote?

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