Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cowboy's Loss -- from The Boss

Well, The Boss knows football. Here's her comment on today's Cowboy loss.

That is some kind of __________________ (you fill in the blank).

As most of you know we are huge football fans; we count the days to the next game after the Pro-Bowl Game is over. We spend all day Saturday working like crazy, cooking food to get ready for Sunday, football all day.

In my humble opinion, this year most of the teams suck. They include Detroit (nothing ever changes), Indianapolis, Green Bay and last but not least Dallas. I will give Indy a pass since Payton had knee surgery this past summer and is very cautious with dropping back and stepping forward. Detroit, huh, I am not sure if they ever had a winning team or ever will. Their coaches suck, there is no team coordination while on the field, I could go on but why? Green Bay, some days they're better than others, but they just are not playing like they did when Brett was there.

Now to Dallas: they deserved to lose today. They suck. Penalty after penalty, missed catch after missed catch. But the worst thing I saw this afternoon was number 31, Mike Jenkins, a rookie. The play took place in the 4th quarter against the Giants. They were down on the Cowboys 15 yard line and the Giants ran it in for another touchdown. Mike Jenkins had a golden opportunity to tackle the running back and chose to hold up and let him go on to score. Excuse me, but this rookie should be fired immediately. If I owned the team he would not be riding back on the team plane. I would give him bus money and tell him when you get back to Dallas clean your locker out. Some of you would probably say "ah he's just a rookie give him a break." Being a rookie is no excuse for not tackling the running back, he knows better. Here is another player who probably has an ego larger than life and thinks he made it to the big time, especially playing for the Dallas Cowboys. I don't care that Dallas was going to lose anyway, as a player your job is to never stop playing.

He should be fired and made an example of to the rest of the team. Jerry should tell all the players, "You either play this game with everything you have – all out - or you will be gone also". This is known as attitude adjustment and Mike Jenkins needs one. He needs hope and change just like Barack.

And no, The Boss did NOT vote for Barack "The Commie" Obama.

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