Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gee, let's throw open the doors of Guantanamo

There is a great article in The Weekly Standard about why Guantanamo has been a huge success in protecting the United States from attacks...how it has foiled actual attacks...and how the "high value detainees" are really bad guys that even John Kerry wouldn't invite to a dinner party.

But Obama wants to close GITMO and move these FREAKING TERRORISTS to the US and give them the same rights you and I have, as in those from the Constitution. Now every one of us that has traveled to, say, Europe or Russia has been told that we have to abide by THEIR laws, and we don't have "Constitutional Rights" in Transylvania.

So why would we give these vermin those rights that our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have fought and died for?

My solution: turn em loose in a raft in the Gulf while the US Navy is conducting live-fire target practice. Even better: I suggest that Obama go to GITMO before closing it and meet with these terrorists (without preconditions) before letting them go. Maybe they'll toss some bodily fluids on him.

This article from The Weekly Standard is a must-read. Here's the money quote:
The greatest success of the Bush administration is that it stopped all of this, and more, from happening. The continental United States was under attack from an enemy unlike any other this nation has ever faced. There was no easy legal precedent or historical analogy. In the wake of 9/11, the Bush administration had to make up new rules as it went along. Critics are free to charge that the administration went too far. But the Obama administration may rapidly discover that treating the terrorist threat like any other matter in federal court, as candidate Obama proposed, is not only unrealistic but also dangerous.
Read it all here.

H/T The Weekly Standard

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