Saturday, November 29, 2008

THE BOSS on Saudis and Oil Prices

Gas prices are finally down to a reasonable level and hopefully people will be able to heat their homes this winter and can afford to drive to work.

Now the Saudis are screaming that a barrel of crude is going for $54.00 and they say it should be $75.00 a barrel; they could accept that. If they could accept $75.00 a barrel, why didn't they accept that price months ago when crude was $147.00 a barrel? "Those greedy bastards" (as Achmed the Dead Terrorist would say).

I am all for a free market and letting the market set the price, but when Wall Street mindless midgets and Saudi dust heads screw with the fair price of a barrel of crude, they should either go to jail or be blown to glass. If the Saudis are losing money (which I doubt) and losing tankers filled with millions of gallons of crude to third world pirates, then they get what they deserve and right now it is $54.00 a barrel !!!!

For all their money, wealth and riches the Saudis are lazy, self-centered, arrogant idiots. I could care less that they have the word "King" or "Prince" in their name. They want it all and the free market is saying "NO". So put that in your robe and sit on it.

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