Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Freak out a Doctor (without blood)

Took THE BOSS today to the doctor's office. Routine...until...well, the Young Dr. Lady Resident came in to help out with the experienced doc. You know...teaching hospital that UW Medical Center is and all.

Anyway, one of the things that the good Young Doctor wanted to do was to ask THE BOSS some routine questions. Like, what day of the week is it? What's your full name? What month is it? What's this? (thumb). What are these? (knuckles). THE BOSS got 'em all correct, of course. Then the biggie: Who's the President? To which THE BOSS immediately replied (and I quote): "I don't have one".

Was a very stunned look on the Young Doc's face. Then a pregnant pause. Gotta say, though, that she just kept on going. Didn't let on what she thought of this. But that first stunned look...hehe.

Visit to the doctor's office: $180.00
Charge from hospital: $134.00
Gas to drive to and from: $34.00
Crappy lunch in hospital cafeteria: $8.00
Look on liberal Doc's face: PRICELESS

My wife...I think I'll keep her.

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Anonymous said...

Better have it..


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