Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Obamas' Date Night and Who's Keeping Track of the Costs

Everyone has heard that Michelle and the Prez went on a date in New York City over the weekend. The blogs are screaming about what poor taste it is for the Prez to spend all that money to fly to NYC for dinner and a show when people are out of work, GM is filing bankruptcy, and we own Fannie, Freddie, AIG, and more. Not to mention the carbon footprint, oh my!

What hasn't been as widely reported is that the Inspector General (IG) of the Federal Reserve is supposed to be watching over where all that money goes after if comes off of the printing presses. Here's the IG's testimony in front of Congress. It is almost painful to watch, she's such a dope.

I only wish the Congressman had asked, "Who's paying for the date and the dinner for the Obamas?". You think she's squirming now; just think if she had to answer that one.

If you were in charge of watching over trillions, wouldn't you at least have a better answer than "we're doing a high-level review and we'll get back to you on that"? This gal needs to be fired.

H/T Moonbattery

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