Friday, May 15, 2009

Obama and Pelosi, sitting in a tree...


Obama shows class and leadership in office. Pelosi calls the CIA a bunch of lying liars (apologies to dipshit Franken). The Press Secretary says the President doesn't want to fight that fight.

Here's how The Campaign Spot over at National Review Online says it best:

The elected official third in line to the presidency has accused the CIA of repeated crimes, and the Agency has responded by essentially calling this official a liar. And the president's representative tells the public he has nothing to say on the matter.

This is, essentially, voting "present."

As I said before, Pelosi is cooked. She's going to have to resign as Speaker (not from her Rep seat, just Speaker). Otherwise, the Truth Commissions will get her. And Obama will just watch her drown -- throwing her an anchor.

And I love it. Freaking witch.

From The Pelosi Spot

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