Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ditka for Governor!

Everyone's arguing about the "how": How do we pick the new Senator? Should we have a special election? Should the Lt Gov get the choice? How do we pay for it? I even saw one mention online of Mike Ditka running as a Republican for the seat. (My guess is -- he'd win!)

Let's go one better. Let's have Ditka run for Governor! He would do well to announce the following:

1. All conversations in the Governor's office would be recorded and streamed live on the internet. (Ok, maybe a 24-hour delay.)
2. The Gov's appointment calendar would be published on the web, live.
3. All of the Gov's emails would be published on the web, live.

I know, I know, there are times when the governor of any state needs to talk about classified matters. So he goes into a secure conference room...and that time shows up on the calendar as "classified".

The only way to restore confidence in this office is to be completely transparent...and this would do it.

I guarantee you that Ditka could do this and he'd win! Go Mike!

Just imagine how pissed-off Harry Reid and Dick-less Durbin would be!
It would be worth it just to see Reid's, Durbin's, and Pelosi's faces at the announcement.

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