Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brit Hume (semi) retires

If you turn to your dictionary and look up "class act", there's a picture of Brit. Here's his goodbye.

I met Brit one evening at Dulles airport. He and I were on the same flight to Chicago, and I walked up and introduced myself to him, offering my hand and my thanks for his professionalism. We spoke for about an hour about current events (a little) and golf (a lot). I gave him my card and offered to host him on a round of golf either in Texas or Wisconsin.

If he is half as passionate about golf as he is as a newsman, he's gonna be a tough competitor on the links!

Fare well, friend. I watched you EVERY night these last 10 years. Walter Cronkite for the fair and balanced.

H/T Blackfive

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