Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Opie Never Grew Up

Ron Howard went on CSPAN and said this about his new film:

"Well, it’s a great drama. It doesn’t have a political axe to grind, and yet you know, it speaks to democracy, the media, the way it all works in the modern era. The only thing that’s kind of quaint about the story at all is the fact that, you know, uh, that the Nixon crimes pale by comparison, with uh, with uh, um, um, [picks up pen] you know, what we’ve been reading about and hearing about in the last few years. Uh, and yet, it also reminds us that abuse of power at any level cannot be accepted, and, so if there’s a political point to be made, you know, I’d say it’s nonpartisan, but that’s the point."
Opie, STFU, will ya? Bush can waterboard all he wants, and listen in on international phone calls, and he's broken no laws. You bumbled and stumbled through trying to say that he has committed crimes, yet you couldn't even bring yourself to say it directly when asked. That's because you know it's not true, you freaking moron.

Why don't you just make films and go smoke dope somewhere. Assclown.

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