Saturday, December 20, 2008

SEIU -- Bad-apple Union

The Governator has ordered budget cuts and layoffs in California in order to address a $42 billion budget deficit. Think of that number for a moment -- $42 billion. And that's just the deficit.

So Arnold is cutting budgets and proposing layoffs. He's also said he'll force all government employees to take 2 days per month off without pay until the budget turns around. But here's the thing. You'd think everyone would pitch in and try to help out. You know, to preserve jobs around the holiday time. But noooo. Here's the money quote from the SEIU:
Labor officials said they were considering filing a lawsuit to prevent job losses.

"We definitely think we have grounds for filing an unfair labor charge," said Jim Herron Zamora, a spokesman for the Service Employees International Union, Local 1000, the largest state employee union. "Our contract doesn't allow him to do this."

That's the same union that Blago was trying to extort money from.

Gee, take a 10% paycut or lose my job entirely -- which one do I chose?

How are those union dues working for ya?

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