Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Equal Opportunity...for Santa Claus via NPR


I cannot believe what I just heard on the radio. It is crap and I mean crap listening to them discuss Santa Claus on this NPR program.

It seems that some people have taken it upon themselves to create a program to endorse Santa Claus as black for black children. They are trying to get me to believe that without Santa Claus being black, these children are somehow deprived of the true meaning of Christmas and Santa Claus.

I can hear it now, “Judge, my client is not guilty of this armed robbery because he was denied his constitutional rights as a black child by the local mall not providing a black Santa for him to sit on his lap and express his wishes.”

Are we now to have a numerous lines at the malls for those wishing to see a black Santa Claus, Chinese Santa Claus, White Santa Claus, Hispanic Santa Claus? And hey, what about a Santa Claus for Gay and Lesbians? Why stop there?

To all the people reading this email, give me a break. Go to your local library, get on the internet and look up the cultural history of Santa Claus. Facts are facts, he was white.

I have one last question:

If your Santa Claus can be black, can my Martin Luther King be white?

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